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From Trash to Treasure

Bob Frustaci is the founder and chief executive officer of New Jersey-based Premier Facility Management, a sustainable waste management firm helping companies save money and reduce their carbon footprint by finding alternatives to the traditional landfill route for trash, construction and demolition waste and other unwanted materials.

Nearly two decades ago, after spending years working in the waste industry, Frustaci was drawn to a concept that was at the time receiving very little attention — sustainability.

“Back then, in the mid-'90s, people didn’t know about sustainability. Going green was a newborn concept, but not a sustained process," he said.
Driven by what he saw as untapped opportunity, Frustaci left his comfort zone and Premier Facility Management was born.  “I started it with $2,500 and a 10-by-10 office,” he said. “It wasn’t easy.”

The firm first started with clients in the hotel industry, but quickly expanded to manufacturers and construction companies, which had to deal with waste, excess inventory and other unused materials on a daily basis.

Premier Facility Management will provide a free audit for any company, where their application engineers can customize solutions to help a company become more environmentally friendly and save money at the same time.

The one key factor that Premier implemented changed the company dramatically.  “We let them keep 100% of the savings,” said Frustaci.  Premier’s profits come from finding potential markets.   Designing the proper program and installing the equipment will maximize market value return. 

For Sara Lee, Premier was able to take unwanted coffee scraps and sell them to an organic fertilizer company and burlap bags to the seafood industry.
At a recent construction demolition project, Premier was able to find use for 95% of the building’s waste originally scheduled to be hauled to a landfill.  Premier’s staff are experts in tracking and documenting waste generated at construction sites in compliance with the USGBC-LEED program. 

A government agency planned to haul 13,000 confiscated mattresses to a landfill in Ohio. Instead, Premier found a firm 14 miles away that would recycle the mattresses to make new ones for resale.

Moving forward, Frustaci says he hopes to “build better relationships with government agencies” and together advance in the direction of sustainability.  Frustaci sees great potential in maximizing sustainability and saving taxpayer’s cost in waste removal. 

For more information, please visit: www.pfmgreen.com

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