Plans are Useless without Proper Planning. From negotiations to sales to product design – business is part strategy and part psychology. That’s why it isn’t enough to simply “know”

Meeting Environmental and Data Safety Issues. Whenever changes occur in data center computing, one constant remains for Mike Saia, owner of XTechnology Global USA, LLC

Principals of Quantum Theory. Computing research has made life more fascinating in the computer world and beyond.

Technology Enhances Multiple Industry Standards. On the evening of September 10, 2001, Paula C. Beauregard was scheduled to arrive at the Marriott World Trade Center

Responsible for a large portion of today's economy, the plastics industry has secured its place as the third largest manufacturing industry in the United States.

Many people have grandiose visions of changing the world. The reality is that the world changes on its own accord – every single second. Making sense of these constant

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