The Almquist family has been at the forefront of the refrigeration industry ever since William Almquist and his friend William Coe founded the Dallas-based Almcoe Refrigeration Company in 1960.

A new computer monitor developed by Philips will not only tell you if you’re sitting too close, but will correct posture and recommend coffee breaks as well.

On Wednesday, the Justice Department filed a suit to block AT&T’s $39 billion deal to buy T-Mobile USA. The suit stated that the combination of two of the top wireless carriers would reduce competition and therefore raise prices for consumers.

United Continental Holdings, Inc. will be giving 11,000 iPad computers to its United and Continental pilots. The handheld computers will be used to replace paper flight manuals.

In this digital age, a new generation of professionals is increasingly relying on efficient yet impersonal technologies to establish business connections. Emails are fast, but faceless and voiceless—it’s not always easy to maintain personal relationships with clients.

After 30 years of success, the co-owners of Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineering, Lewis N. Melton and Robert W. Vaughn, were ready to retire. But closing their firm was not an option, so they needed a successor with both civil engineering expertise and management skills.

Today’s consumers expect smaller and more powerful electronics to keep them connected wherever they go—convenience without compromising on performance. From palm-sized smart phones to razor-thin multi-gigabyte MP3 players and feather-light laptops, our gadgets keep shrinking as their capabilities grow.

One of the best ways to get started as an entrepreneur is to identify a problem that you can solve better than anyone else. This was the genesis of Greg Coogle’s project, Air & Water Technology, which offers a unique line of HVACR and plumbing products.

In a faceoff to rival the debt ceiling debacle, 45,000 of Verizon Communication Inc.’s landline workers went on strike Sunday, after failed negotiations regarding pensions caused their contracts to expire at midnight on Saturday. The negotiations began on June 22.

Heavy data users will soon face charges from AT&T in their newest grandfathered data plan. Clogging the airways with excessive usage of the iPhone, iPad and smartphone data capabilities will soon result in charges for customers in the top 5 percent of data usage, the company said in a statement Friday.

Two of the largest smartphone hosts were engaged in a legal battle that has left the future of the Android phone in question. Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC in March for infringement of up to 20 patents “related to the iPhone's user interface, underlying architecture, and hardware.”

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