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A Satisfied Customer is the Best Business Strategy

From negotiations to sales to product design – business is part strategy and part psychology. That’s why it isn’t enough to simply “know” a business. To achieve the most fruitful results, it’s imperative to “know thy customer” as well. With that knowledge in hand, then it’s all about successful execution. Indeed, high performing companies are those that have mastered the art of closing the strategy-to-performance gap through better planning and execution.

Turning great strategy into great performance comes with experience. Few have more tried and true experience in developing distinctive, profitable business strategies and cost effective technology solutions than Paul J. Karch, founder, president and chairman of Gardant Global.

The Deerfield Beach, FL-based company is best described as a prominent boutique consulting firm specializing in business tactics for the U.S. government and international commercial organizations. It also offers niche technology and investment opportunities. The accomplished Karch boasts 25 years of industry experience, running the gamut from business development to market strategy to mergers and acquisition to technology assessment and review.  

“I founded Gardant Global in 2007 and we’ve enjoyed explosive growth since. My background, along with my highly skilled team, has helped businesses all over the world, large and small, grow quickly. Businesses that Gardant assists in growth, also assist in our growth,” Karch told “The Suit.”

In a nod to Gardant’s stellar reputation and prowess, some 90% of its business is from word of mouth. As Karch pointed out, “When you ink a multi-billion dollar government contract, word gets around.”

Gardant has extensive relationships and expertise in U.S. government business development and delivery. “The government space is not for the faint of heart or the impatient. Businesses need to enter the arena with a long-term outlook and remember that the government is risk adverse. The essence of strategy here is as much as knowing what not to do as well as knowing what to do. But it’s very rewarding and very lucrative,” Karch explained.

The company also provides investment opportunities and advice. A respected partner with many boutique investment banking firms, Gardant Global serves the venture community as an educated and independent third party. It also provides pioneering management consulting services that include compliance, healthcare, information management, social media management, content management, translation, content center operations and voice recognition, network solutions and security.

Clients include such high profile names as IBM and Lockheed Martin. But to Karch, it’s not size or reach that is the most important. As he expresses it, “We are very selective in who we choose as clients. We need to mesh – and sometimes clients must be open to modifying their corporate culture. The key here is to create a series of validated, proven processes and procedures that will allow them to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.”

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