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A Trusted Information Technology Leader for More than 25 Years

Most are familiar with the word “avatar.” In computing, an avatar can be the graphical representation of a user or the user’s alter ego. Don't mistake it, however, for the word “abator” – described as a “terminator or eliminator” – one who gets rid of nuisances. This term aptly describes Abator Information Services, Inc., a Pittsburgh, PA based on-demand information technology (IT) company founded by President and CEO Joanne Peterson.

For more than 25 years, Abator has worked with clients to create curated solutions in information and project management, systems application, web development, technical support, system engineering, business intelligence, data warehousing and database administration, that drive real results, especially when those results are coupled with dramatic cost reductions.

“A lot of our clients are government agencies in the health and human services sectors,” explained Peterson. “Many are state governments with large budgets that must be reported back to the federal government. Their data is highly classified, sensitive and personal – and they trust us with it.” Abator’s commercial client list is equally impressive and reads like a Who’s Who of corporate America, running the spectrum from Alcatel to IBM to Victoria’s Secret. Abator also guides minority- and woman-owned small businesses through the  complexities of the diversity certification process.

It’s no secret that, thanks to a plethora of sophisticated software tools, organizations can and do gather a wealth of information. And yet many are completely clueless when it comes to using all those facts, figures and numbers. This has helped the information technology industry to prosper, with new research revealing that IT’s growth outlook has reached its highest level in five years. “Competition is tough. Today, it’s not so much what you bring to the table. It’s the cost effectiveness you deliver. That’s especially where we deliver,” Peterson explained. Enjoying explosive expansion in 2012, Abator seems particularly well positioned, as industry trends point to flourishing future.

One commonality all clients share is the necessity to continually adapt to changing regulations and guidelines, as well as constantly adjusting simply to keep up with the competition. Peterson said, “Our expertise helps them achieve and evolve in their own exclusive culture. In a nutshell, it’s adapt or fail.” 

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