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Nancy Heen, president and CEO of MP Tech Consulting, sees her role as one of executing operations rather than taking entrepreneurial risks, and this careful planning of progressive growth has brought her 8-year-old management and technical consulting firm to the precipice of a new beginning.

After completing a merger with MasikaTech in June, a change that added public sector consulting to MP's portfolio, Heen told The Suit that another acquisition is planned for November. This will bring the company’s long-time software developer, Axelerate, into the fold.

"We'll be even stronger and more able to offer even broader capabilities," Heen said. "They bring a lot of software development and application development to our suite of services, so we can offer more technology solutions under one umbrella." MP Tech will take the Axelerate name following the acquisition.

"We're very excited about some work we are doing right now for the public sector. We're helping [local governments] develop an internet response management system. It's going to improve efficiency and offer an opportunity for further public safety. We think there will be a need for this type of system for other counties, as well."

Heen comes from a background in aerospace engineering and has extensive experience in leadership and operational management. "After 17 years in that industry, I thought it was time to explore something different," she said. "I was starting a non-profit and moved back into consulting work. MP Tech grew from there."

A proactive approach to surviving the recession not only helped Heen handle the setbacks of 2008, but also made MP Tech stronger today and ready to have its most profitable year yet.

"A game changer was that I hired a business coach as the recession was hitting," Heen recalled, saying she decided that was the time to invest in future growth. "While everybody was scrambling to take cover, I said, 'Now is not the time to let up.'"

Heen credits MP Tech's success to her dedicated team of consultants and a positive working environment. "When we treat our employees and our consultants with respect and make sure they get their needs met, they in turn go out and make sure our clients are happy and kept very satisfied. And because we are diverse in our hiring practice, we have a richness and fullness that sets us apart," Heen said.

Heen's favorite aspect of her role as CEO is offering clients personalized attention. "I love meeting with clients and making sure they are getting what they need," she said. "We define their exact needs and help them solve issues within their budgetary boundaries and constraints."

The future of MP Tech—Axelerate—is a promising blend of public and private sector growth, expansive technological capabilities, and a carefully planned consolidation of talent.

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