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Education and Communication at The Forefront

Tim Fallon, founder of Fallon & Associates, LLC, and Investment Advisor Representative with Horter investment Management, LLC work to ensure that a client’s retirement funds don’t run out during the person’s lifetime. With a wide range of services that includes retirement planning, asset protection, estate planning and health insurance, Fallon and Associates, LLC manages a clientele largely comprised of people nearing or already in retirement.

Fallon and Associates, LLC, with its team of fiduciary tactical managers, puts clients education at the forefront of its investment services. The company provides clients with a variety of jargon-free newsletters, marketing materials and videos covering a wide range of investment topics. Current market trends and topics – from the Trans-Pacific Partnership to Puerto Rico’s bond default and its potential impact on U.S. investors – are explained in easy to understand terms, reflecting Fallon’s own strong belief in “not being technical” when educating his clients. His office also hosts free Social Security workshops to help clients manage their benefits more effectively.

Fallon emphasizes how crucial it is for people to understand the importance of having professionals manage their retirement funds. In particular, in his opinion, it is important that a fiduciary rather than a broker do the job, bearing in mind that the former is not focused on selling products, but rather on working toward the best interests of the client. Fallon says,  “I believe for people who are nearing retirement or are in retirement that working with a fiduciary is extremely important”.

Communication is the other key element that Fallon and Associates, LLC utilizes when managing its clients’ funds. Fallon stresses the importance of communication, particularly when managing the “extremely unhealthy and volatile” current markets. Depending on asset levels, meetings with each client are held quarterly, semi-annually or annually. And although it is typical for one person in a relationship to take control of finances, Fallon believes  that both partners must attend those meetings together. This, he insists, is vital for ensuring “an  understanding of what we’re doing and why….it is important that both spouses know me…. they know where my office is.  And, they feel comfortable calling me.”

Fallon makes sure that portfolios are diversified, depending on market conditions, individual client needs and expectations. With volatility being the most frequently used word when describing current markets, Fallon relates how the team of tactical managers he works with continually track national and international market movements to protect client funds. “These tactical managers are defensive in bad times and opportunistic in good times, meaning they can move to cash at any time to help keep clients out of harm’s way. “Fallon reflects on this kind of volatility as being unheard of some 20 or 30 years ago, when a movement of 25 or 30 points on any given day made headlines. Now daily swings of between 200 and 400 points are not so unusual. He points out the “unprecedented things that are happening,” including a high deficit, and China and Russia trying to replace the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. According to Fallon, these are things which “if you’re not paying attention to them, could really hurt your retirement.”

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Investment advisory services offered through Horter Investment Management, LLC, a SEC-Registered Investment Adviser.   Horter Investment Management does not provide legal or tax advice.  Investment Adviser Representatives of Horter Investment Management may only conduct business with residents of the states and jurisdictions in which they are properly registered.   Insurance and annuity products are sold separately through Fallon and Associates, LLC.  Securities transactions for Horter Investment Management clients are placed through Trust Company of America, TD Ameritrade, Jefferson National Life Insurance Company, Security Benefit Life Insurance Company and ED&F Man Capital Markets.

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