Fee-Based Planning Reduces Conflict and Assures Best Practices for Clients. Too often the financial industry is driven by product sales, which compromises the client’s interests.

Investing with Christian-based Principles. In the debate over mandated fiduciary standards, faith-based advisors like David Nielsen, owner of Nielsen Financial Services, don’t need government

A Risk Number System Quantifies Date for Each Stage of Life. Managing risk is not new to financial planning, but few advisors can pinpoint risk by using a scientific formula that maximizes

The commitment to “paying yourself first” is one many financial advisors urge their clients to make. Professionals within the financial services industry have been repeating this mantra for so

Seeking to Educate Clients and Preserve their Assets. Teaching Clients About Risk and its Management builds long-term partnerships giving investors financial security

Fee-Based Fiduciaries Put Client’s Interest First. Saving for retirement is a serious business. The risk of running out of money is real, and most investors can’t afford to make mistakes.

Keeping Clients Protected and Advisors Busy. Providing a consistently special client experience hallmarked by always placing  client interests first

Being a Family’s Personal CFO. In today’s increasingly complex financial world, some advisors are embracing the greater role of acting as a family’s chief financial officer rather than

A Professional Fiduciary Helping Those Unable to Help Themselves. Most people take for granted their ability to manage their own affairs.

As the debate rages on in Congress, and in the offices of federal regulatory agencies, regarding what – if any – fiduciary standard should govern the workings of all types of financial advisors,

Ditch whatever emotional attachments one might have as an investor regarding certain stocks, bonds, companies or even countries. After the Great Recession, financial behavioral analysts

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