WISE MONEY RADIO: Grabs Clients’ Attention

Every Saturday morning tune into “Wise Money Radio” with financial radio jock Manuel “Manny” Negron, owner of GenWealth Advisory Group, who’s taking his fiscal message to the airwaves across the country in 2016, advising listeners with solid fiduciary mindset.

Called the “Retirement Minute,” Negron’s airwave snippets of financial information and advice are part of his goal to thoroughly educate clients and his community in general regarding the economic realities of retirement living.

“We are trying to convey our message in a more effective and timely manner,” Negron said from Utah-based office in West Jordan. “Our goal is to give clients, or prospective clients, a sneak peek at what is happening in our industry from changes in social security, ways to cut spending and the issues they face in retirement.”

The bulk of his clients reside in what many industry analysts label “The Retirement Red Zone,” or that time period spanning the five years prior to retirement when a plethora of “how to” questions abound. This red zone then continues through the crossing over to the five years post retirement when those questions get answered in daily living.

This trend is making inroads with talk back radio. In fact, advisors across the nation have discovered that radio gets their message out to desired clients.

“Our clients are interested in protecting what they have – not only in protecting, but also in growing and creating a guaranteed income for the remainder of their lives,” Negron said. “Our approach has gone toward a lifetime income solution that provides both a paycheck for daily living that they will never out-live and a ‘play’ check not just for life’s emergencies, but also for those vacations and dreams they want to live in their retirement.”

Making that happen means creating income security through the use of fixed and index annuities in his client’s portfolios. For Negron, it represents a guarantee he cannot get for his clients anywhere else in the market place. “We are using the annuities not just to protect assets but to protect the clients’ standard of living,” he explained.

Negron’s use of radio in no way replaces face time with his clients, while countless advances have been made the industry stronger via technology—he also knows that regular one-on-one meetings is still one of the trade-secrets in the financial world.

“Client goals and their emotional reactions are not things that you can necessarily measure through an app,” Negron said. “You cannot get that full understanding unless you are elbow-to-elbow, belly-to-belly with a client, seeing their emotion and seeing their eyes light up about a particular issue. That is the beauty of having living, breathing advisors who can delve deeper into what are the goals the client is trying to accomplish.”

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