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Thinking Outside the Box for Unique Financing

When Martin Eisler started Professional Financial Associates (PFA) in 1978, he wanted to find and lend to people who were fairly safe prospects. So PFA's first borrowers were doctors and dentists. “We would find a doctor or a dentist who needed money for one reason or another. Then what we would do is go in their offices, and buy all their equipment,” Eisler said. “Then rather than turn around and use that equipment as collateral for a loan, we turned around and documented it as a lease, and we leased that same equipment back to them.” This approach provided the doctors with the funding they needed, while supplying PFA with secure collateral. It even provided the doctors with the significant tax advantage afforded by leasing.

Today, almost 35 years later, PFA has one of the largest independent broker networks in the U.S., is a Dun & Bradstreet rated company, has an A rating with the BBB and is a member of the Better Business Bureaus "Trust Link" Program - Those links can be found at the bottom of PFA's Home Page at www.pfa.com . The company provides would-be brokers with the information and training they need to get started, then sets them up with financing programs, not only from PFA itself, but also from other lenders who have chosen to partner with the company.

And PFA is still looking for unique ways to provide funding. “We pride ourselves in making available to our broker network a variety of financing alternatives that tend to be under-represented in the financial service community at large,” Eisler said. “Because most people, when they're thinking of financing, are thinking of their local banks. And right now, the banks aren't lending quite as liberally as they once were.”

If you'd like to receive information via email on how you too can achieve success in this lucrative field,  and receive the complete training and ongoing support that PFA has provided to their brokers for over 1/4 of a century, you can request that free information at the following link: http://pfa.com/lmo555in.htm

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