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Contract Labor Most Effective in Today’s IT Environments

Headquartered in Iselin, N.J., Patriot Consulting provides enterprise staffing solutions, serving hundreds of companies across the country. Building an impeccable reputation as a full service Oracle, SAP, SharePoint and Business Intelligence boutique staffing provider, Patriot’s technical and staffing expertise qualify them as the “go-to” resource for enterprise application projects.

Jerry Zariello, CEO and Managing Director of Patriot, explains that the industry has experienced a real paradigm shift with respect to contingent labor and the way enterprise jobs are staffed for their clients. “Much like a motion picture, a movie studio won’t just hire W2 employees to make the picture. When you look at the ending credits, you see many contributors to the project, and many are independent contractors,” says Zariello. “We’ve seen a shift in contract labor that can be the primary staffing method of IT environments at our clients. What we do at Patriot is to build IT solutions around a contract labor team that can more effectively support our clients’ needs. With the current economic and political environment, the cost of labor is very expensive. Supplementing critical projects with contract labor is a very efficient way to achieve business objectives and save significant cost. Because our clients want on-demand resources at a good price, our solutions are truly … on-demand technical resources using contractors for the entire IT environments we serve.”

A study by Littler Mendelson and MIT “The Littler Report” was published in 2009. It was aimed at counseling firms to achieve compliance when governmental regulation was picking up dramatic speed. In the report, they predicted that contingent workers would constitute, on average, a full 50% of the new source of workers to whom employers would turn as the recession ended. The result of this trend would be that contingent workers would make up approximately 25% of the total workforce, and this percentage would continue to increase. What few of us realize is that the proportion of contingent workers in our workforce today is probably already over and above this 25% prediction “We took this study very seriously, and it reaffirmed our corporate strategy. To bring this to the IT business sector, we concentrated on positioning our domestic and global footprint not only to those clients in need of specific, high-level IT services, but also to those needing on-demand resources to create profits and improve their bottom line,” says Zariello.

The trend toward using contract labor has helped the company grow by 40% annually. Wall Street wants to see companies invest in technology, but with the stalled economy, companies have been reluctant to do this. As the economy rebounds, however, Zariello says that businesses are once again seeking to upgrade existing enterprise systems, and Patriot is taking advantage of this need by being a world-class solutions provider.

We’re in the business of aggregating data. During the downturn of the economy, we were not impacted significantly. We experienced growth because work still had to go on. The enterprise environment still needed to be maintained, and fortunately, this was an area where companies were not willing to sacrifice. We look to continue our revenue growth, expand globally and invest in new technologies,” says Zariello.

For more information, please visit: www.patriot-consulting.com

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