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The Market Climate: Weathering Economic Perils

The year 2000 began what financier Glen “Chip” Dahlke calls the “Market Meltdown”. Due to the economic uncertainty, specifically from 2006-2008, Dahlke - CEO of Dahlke and Associates - had to redouble his efforts to weather the economic storm for both himself and his clients. Part of Dahlke’s continuous retooling technique is giving his clients the confidence needed to invest in today’s market.  “The market climate had changed,” he explained. “At that point I started to retool portfolios that I work on, to cut volatility,” he said, adding, “I think we came through in pretty good shape.”

When he helped form the investment wealth management firm, in 1990, Dahlke was fully aware he would grappling with the tumultuous entity known as the financial market and equipped himself with the tools necessary to serve his clients. “In this business, there’s no such word as safety or guarantee,” he said with a laugh.

With over 35 years experience in finance, Dahlke has worked through some of the roughest patches in economic history. Armed with techniques, mastered over time, Dahlke has a wealth of wisdom from yesterday’s financial systems as well as the resources to maneuver investors through today’s market.

Along with the vicissitudes of the recent economic downturn, big, Wall Street, investment firms have faced a tarnished image. “It’s going to take awhile for the public images of these (Wall Street) firms to turn around,” said Dahlke. “Smaller companies, like Northstar, really gained in this downturn from the fact that the public does not trust a lot of the big firms anymore,” he explained. This development has allowed smaller and mid-sized firms to capitalize on the market, building a foundation with an influx of new clients.

Dahlke and Associates specialize in investment advisory services and can offer financial guidance in a slew of areas. From trust funds and securities, to bonds, treasury bills, 401(k), IRA, tax, estate, and college planning, and even insurance, the company strategizes to help clients manage assets for today while securing finances for tomorrow. “I’m constantly tinkering with my portfolios and a goal is to squeeze a little more return and a little less volatility,” said Dahlke.

When asked about Green Investing, Dahlke explained the dynamics in the recent trend. “Green Investing is looking for companies and products (to invest in) that are earth-friendly. This could be an alternative energy, such as wind or solar, but also any industry has been trying to create an innovative, earth-friendly, product,” he said.

Investors can promote environmental consciousness by investing in businesses that practice sustainable manufacturing, sell products with a positive influence on the environment, or which reduce reliance on non-renewable resources. The Obama Administration was looking to kick-start Green Investing; however, it was overshadowed by other economic priorities. As Dahlke told “The Suit,” “One day, Green Investment is going to be a major component in the investment industry - but it’s got a ways to go.”

For more information, please visit: www.northstarwealthpartners.com

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