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Financial ‘therapist’ helps clients deal with market ups and downs

Money is more than just a bank balance or the cash in someone’s wallet. For retirement savers and investors, money represents a business they painstakingly built, the savings they accumulated through years of hard work, or the sacrifices made to prioritize financial goals.

Uncertainty accompanies every financial decision, and investors often feel apprehensive about the future when that hard-earned nest egg is exposed to risk.

“There’s a lot of emotions that go into it, and a big part of hiring an advisor like myself is that I act as their fiscal therapist,” said Scott Machen, CEO of Machen Wealth Management. “I listen and empathize with their concerns, but I am [also] able to give them suggestions on how to address their financial worries and achieve their dreams as well.”

Machen Wealth Management is a California-based company that provides wealth management, financial planning, estate planning, and other services. The firm does not maintain an explicit firm minimum to invest, Machen said, but evaluates prospective investors on an individual basis.

“Our clients aren’t looking just to make a quick dollar. They are the ones who understand that wealth isn’t achieved overnight,” Machen said.

Machen helps clients achieve their goals and weather the emotional rollercoasters that often accompany major financial decisions by creating a “roadmap” for each investor. Machen Wealth Management develops a customized solution for each client based on their risk tolerance, goals, and other factors. Machen — a fiduciary who puts clients’ needs before his firm’s — also encourages clients to pick up the phone and call him if they need assistance, describing his best relationships as those with investors who never feel bashful about asking questions. “My hope is for my clients to feel comfortable enough to come to me for trusted advice before they make big ticket purchases or lifestyle changes, or just want to bounce ideas off me. And I also enjoy watching them relish their retirement the way they envisioned.”

Investors hoping to pick a few stocks and “beat” the market might want to look elsewhere, however. Machen sets his clients up for the long haul, preparing them for retirement, discussing the need for long-term care insurance, and reminding clients to focus on what they can control — which are their goals and the life they’ve built for themselves.
“The stock market is not in their control, what they can control is what is important to them: family, occupation, recreation, and money,” Machen said. “Once we focus on what is in our control, we can create a roadmap for a long-term strategy.”

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