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Artist, Illustrator, and graphic designer

Stephen Pyren is known worldwidefor her art work and surrea  murals. Specializing in all facets of art using, watercolors oils, graphics and pastels her work has been seen and represented by the best in the business. At the age of 10 she had a keen interest in playing with water colors. By the time she had reached 18-years of age, Pyren was studying nature, sound, and different color tones with her paint brush.

Born in PA and raised in California, she found her way, with guidance from her mother. She has worked as a fashion illustrator for major fashion companies and as a background artist for many animations. She received her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from California State University. In 1989, a well known painter by the name of Jacques Harvey had requested her to help him recreate the famous “School of Barbizon,” in France.

Pyren’s work was exhibited at the Barbizon Gallery. In fact her work has been sought after by both companies public and private. Pyren’s artistic talent is not limited to painting. She also published poetry for children which she dubbed “A musical Version.”




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