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Embracing The Green Movement Lin Lee & Associates

Lin Lee, ASID, embraced the Green Movement from its inception. She has watched as the movement took hold of America and  has been on the cutting edge of educating herself and her clients about those
products that are sustainable. There are always choices to be made and Lin wants her clients to make informed choices. “We need to think about the social responsibility and the economic reality. Green Design is holistic. It is the new standard for designing the built environment,” Lin said from her studio in Castle Rock, Colorado. “We are now looking at how the product goes from raw material to installation. For instance, in the photo, the cabinets were locally made, eliminating the transportation cost to the environment.”

Two years ago Lin attended the introduction of REGREEN Residential Remodeling Guidelines at the ASID National Conference. It is the ongoing work of the ASID Foundation and The Green Building Council. The most important take-away was to look at every decision in the building process as a choice for sustainability.   Lin Lee & Associates is a recognized leader in innovative interior design in the Rocky Mountain Region. “We are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations,” she said.  The firm’s business is devoted to residential interior design and sees a clear future in renovation in the residential area. She always shares those sustainable options with her clients. The question always is, will this decision be worth the investment. After the fiscal crisis many home owners have tightened their belts. “We see a growing business in remodel and renovation. People are holding on to their houses in this market and want to make their house the home that they will enjoy in the changing world,” Lin explained. “They want to update and live in the 21st Century. We are there to realize those dreams and see where the sustainable options are.” Another aspect that is burgeoning in her industry is “phase renovation.” Lee noted that many of her clients are not doing whole house renovations; rather they are updating area-by-area.

This allows the family to remain in the house, make decisions in phases and keeps the stress level lower. In fact, Lin encourages this approach. “People tend to be overwhelmed by the decisions,” she continues, “This approach allows my clients to see the results with each phase and are excited to move on to the next phase.”Lin believes that the Green movement will enhance her interior design business. “With the Green Design Movement, we need to rethink everything,” Lee said. “But certainly the positive benefits should always outweigh the additional up-front costs. There is tremendous potential for significantly lower operating costs on systems throughout the home and office. Another aspect is improving human health and well-being. The benefits in using paints with low/no VOC’s alone is a big first step in sustainability.” Lin Lee, ASID, is a graduate of UCLA Interior and Environmental Design. She also holds a B.S. Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in Secondary Education. She has won numerous Interior Design Awards regionally and nationally.

Lin Lee & Associates

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