Telling investors not to panic and stay invested in the market is an easy thing to say, yet, it’s a significantly more difficult thing for investors to do – especially if they believe some media reports

Be an educator first; be a financial advisor second. That is the mantra of Larry Welder, owner of Granite Financial Solutions, LLC, with offices located in Iowa and Georgia and

Hope for the best; plan for the future. When the years of planning for your retirement transform into the years of actually living out your retirement, expect reality to be somewhere in the middle.

Can I have a show of hands please? How many of you know the difference(s) between "defined benefit" pension plans and 401k, IRA, 403b, and other forms of "defined contribution" plan?


Forget the standard financial advisor image featuring the guy wearing the perfect suit with the perfect hair walking stoically across a marble-floored lobby to present a client with a stiff

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