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Protecting Assets for Financial Longevity

A Three-Pronged Strategy for Success.

It’s been less than a decade since the worst recession in recent history, yet consumer credit is already on rise once again. Revolving debt in the U.S. alone has increased by $100 billion in the last five years, inching ever closer to the $1.02 trillion carried by U.S. consumers before the debacle of 2008.

Gary Barth, president of Barth Financial Wealth Management Group, says carrying debt of any kind, even a mortgage, is detrimental to long-term financial security. He is an advocate of guiding clients towards a debt-free lifestyle to ensure a stress-free retirement.

“We are finding clients who live a lot longer than even they expected,” Barth said. “This creates some financial concerns about running out of money.” In order to alleviate those concerns, Barth seeks to accomplish three goals for a client who is preparing for retirement.

“We want clients to be debt-free, including their homes. We want them to have some money that they are not touching, but that they get at for future purchases,” Barth said. The latter prevents clients from needing to acquire debt in retirement.

“And, it’s very important that some of their investments guarantee them income for life,” he said, explaining that annuities are the third crucial component of each portfolio.

Bath explained the upside of the recession is that expectations have shifted to a less aggressive, lower risk mode of investing. This, he noted, is much more reasonable than returns of the 18-plus percent once thought to be standard.

Annuities fit well with this approach as clients are now more concerned with ensuring they will have a guaranteed source of income regardless of what happens in the market. “People are more conservative and are protecting against loss much more than they did in the past,” Barth said.

“Diversification and balance is key,” he added. “Clients need to have enough in annuities to guarantee an income, but they need to have a proper diversification into alternative investments, such as oil and gas.”

“Their money which is accessible and they can get at – it’s great to have some sort of stop loss provision on those investments so they are not overly exposed to market drops, particularly close to retirement,” Barth explained.

Barth, who grew up in a home plagued with financial stress, has an innate desire to help educate his clients on how to achieve financial stability and peace by making smart everyday money choices from the start.

Seeing a well-designed plan come to fruition and knowing clients are enjoying a fruitful and happy retirement is Barth's ultimate objective. “Out of all the awards we’ve won, the greatest success is getting to see the client’s dreams come true.”

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Gary Barth and Kristina Hoelting, Investment Advisor Representatives: Securities and Investment
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