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In today’s world of robo-advisors and cookie- cutter financial plans, it can be a challenge for individuals to find the guidance they need to manage all of their assets and liabilities—not solely the investable assets.

Justin Goodbread, Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)and CO-CEO of Heritage Investors, knows that for financial planning one size does not fit all. In April 2009, Goodbread and his partner, Jim DeTar CFP®, left another financial group to build a boutique, more customized financial services firm.  Heritage Investors offers full, hands-on, concierge-style service to wholly manage clients’ financial lives.

True wealth management is not necessarily investments,” Goodbread said. “It’s about taking an individual’s life—from business owners to pre-retiree and post-retiree—and looking holistically at their lives. Then creating a rapport with the client so, as a team, we can sequentially identify their fears, remove their angst, and control their emotions, so that we, as a team, can work together helping them pursue their goals.”

Goodbread sees past straight, investable assets and helps clients evaluate and manage their full net worth, finding opportunities to create wealth in many different ways. Comprehensive planning looks for strategies to reduce liability in addition to traditional wealth accumulation tactics.

Rather than simply trying to beat the market, his philosophy centers around identifying the client’s life goals, including realistic retirement expectations that will enable the individual to maintain a sense of worth and contribution after working 40 hours a week stops, and helping his clients establish long-term plans to pursue those goals.

“It’s not about retiring and becoming irrelevant. It’s about finding a way for our clients to impart the wisdom they’ve acquired over the past 50-60 years for the benefit of the human race for the next 25-30 years.” Goodbread explained. “The biggest thing we’ve had to work on is the emotion of theoretic retirement.” 

Goodbread added that wrangling with the psychology of investing is just as important as any investment decision because the psychology surrounding money goes beyond standard quantification for issues like inflation and long-term risk scenarios.

Money is emotional,” he said, explaining this is the primary reason why no one—himself included—should manage their own financial strategy without a trusted and experienced advisor. It’s also the main reason why robo-advisors have a limited place in the financial planning world.

Goodbread believes robo-advisors are a great tool, especially for gateway investors who are just starting out, but they lack the human element that can understand and help work through the emotions connected with major financial decisions. Heritage Investors advisors, he explained, use real life scenarios to steward a client through those storms.

Heritage Investors does have a selective process for accepting new clients There are four tests:
(1) Chemistry–can we get along, will we partner well with you?;
(2) What are your goals?  Are they achievable?
(3) Minimum net worth, meaning income plus assets—an overall net worth assessment, specifically not an overall investment portfolio assess;
(4) Added value–Heritage Investors want to pursue a long-term relationship with their clients, not a quick fix.

Goodbread explained that this screening ensures a meaningful, high-touch, personalized level of service can be delivered to all of their clients all of the time. 

For more information visit: www.heritageinvestor.com

Heritage Investor is an independent firm with securities offered through Summit Brokerage Services, Inc., Member FINRA, SIPC. Advisory services offered through Summit Financial Group, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor.

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