Making your money last a lifetime. What does retirement sound like? For some it’s the click of pruning shears snipping a prized rose bush.

Creating and Following a Worry-Free Path to Financial Security. Retirement investing isn’t for the timid. It takes careful planning, determination and consistency in the face of volatile markets

Building Trust Building Relationships. Maintaining a philosophy that listening is the key to earning trust while education and action is the key to keeping it.

Understanding What Purpose They Support. Damian Rothermel CFP®, founder and financial planner of Rothermel Financial Services, LLC, believes in the bucket approach to retirement

Helping clients confront the financial realities characterizing today’s retirement – often longer and more active than those of previous generations – is a growing part of the job description for

Quality Trumps Risk in Long-Term Retirement Planning. Conventional wisdom tells us to subscribe to the buy-and-hold mantra of investing, and that investors should take risks in search of big

Baby boomers hoping to retire by 65 need a reality check. “Nowadays, with a million dollars, you have to take a lot of risk to equal what you could have received with that portfolio even

Look away from the TV, and call your advisor. Retirement planning can be easy – especially for those who listen, keep an open mind and take their eyes off those always-apoplectic TV pundits.

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