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This Firm's Low-key Vibe Puts Clients at Ease

Albert Einstein is credited with saying “I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.”

When it comes to her clients, financial advisor, Jean Baun, president of JSB Financial, LLC, embraces Einstein’s inspiration, but adds her own spin.

“I talk to everyone with the same dignity and the same respect regardless of their balance sheet,” she told “Advisors Magazine” during a recent interview.

With such impartiality, Baun taps into what makes people tick as evidenced by a recent research project commissioned by Northwestern Mutual. A reported 36% of participants in the 2018 Planning & Progress Study ranked “not feeling judged on size of assets/financial decisions” as a “remarkable advisor experience,” according to the findings released in July.

jsb400x300“We offer truly personalized service, clients become like family members. We tell them, we want to see you,” Baun said, explaining that in addition to their financial planning meetings she encourages clients to come to workshops, charity events, and social events the firm hosts.

Protecting principal balanced with strategic investing marks the approach of JSB Financial, a full-service financial consulting firm based in West Pittston, Pennsylvania. Baun says their proven process includes a full assessment of a client’s current financial picture, research on investment products the client already owns, and recommendations on how to move forward to achieve client goals. The entire process is supplemented by educating the client on investment concepts, strategies, and products.

“It’s a slower process, but if we don’t really know our clients, and what’s going on in their world, then we can’t really help them,” she said.

In acknowledging the shortcomings of her own industry, Baun suggests that sometimes financial professionals tend to suggest to clients, “We know what’s best for you, give us all your stuff and then we’ll do it for you.”

“We create a whole different vibe,” Baun continued. “For instance, we’re low-key on our dress code, because we want to create that relaxing environment to encourage open conversation – and we do it without using stodgy industry jargon.”

Part of that conversation includes full disclosure of how the firm is paid and what the product fees are.

“Clients embrace getting to the core in a way that is not threatening. They’re not dumb, they’re looking for the catch, give them the catch!” said Baun, who holds several industry designations and is licensed to sell securities, savings, and insurance products.

There are many products that clients can choose from to ensure an income throughout their lifetime which, today, can extend 30-plus years beyond retirement, but Baun cautions that these products are not all created equal.

“There are some great choices, but then there are some that aren’t as great, and we explain this to our clients,” she said. “As a financial advisor, you have ownership to drill down through those products and make sure that the math actually works for clients.”

As JSB Financial continues to grow, Baun says she and her staff work very hard to serve as many people as they can but not lose the core of the family environment they have created.
“That’s a hard line as you’re growing, and part of that is knowing who you are and who you want to service. We don’t want to get so big that we don’t know who our clients are,” she said.

Baun, who loves the dynamic vibe of financial planning, says that helping clients achieve financial peace of mind is the greatest reward of her work.

“It’s an amazing and challenging time to be in our industry,” she said.

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Jean Baun is a Registered Rep with and offers Securities through TCM Securities, Inc. Members FINRA-SIPC Investment advice offered through Triumph Wealth Advisors, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor


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